21 Aug 2018
Private Swimming Pools

Ezarri dips into a swimming pool with Italian tradition

Sarsen swimming pool tiles from the Zen collection were the mosaics chosen for this dreamlike swimming pool added to a"trulli",a typical house in Italy’s Puglia region.

Sarsen, from the Zen collection, is a matt mosaic in grey tones that imitates stone, specially indicated for cladding interiors, swimming pools, spas, saunas and wellness spaces. In addition it is non-slip, meaning that safety is guaranteed.

In fact, it incorporates the Safe Steps, the new non-slip swimming pool tile system by Ezarri which makes them safer, smoother and much easier to clean. Perfect for this modern and high-end swimming pool embedded in the Italian Puglia region.

swimming pool trulli

Swimming pool tiles for a holiday postcard

Sometimes simplicity is the expression of complex elegance. Exactly like the legendary ´trulli´ of the Italian Puglia region.

A ´trulli´ is a typical house from this region. It is an old rural construction typical of the area. A ´trulli´ is made entirely with dry-stacked masonry walls, without mortar, finished with a large conical stone roof. The spectacular result is one of the iconic postcard images of the region and one of the most famous tourist attractions.

This type of traditional house with a conical roof protects from the summer heat, which is very strong in southern Italy, substantially reducing the temperature of the ´trulli´. Therefore, it is a typical manor house in the Puglia region. Such is the importance and protection enjoyed by the ´trulli´ that those in the town of Alberobello have been declared World Heritage by the UNESCO, the United Nations cultural body.

Swimming pool tiles for a holiday postcard

A luxury swimming pool for a complicated challenge

The refurbishment of the property where the swimming pool is located has been carried out trying to maintain the full essence of its surroundings. For this reason, the choice was made to clad the swimming pool with the Sarsen reference. A matt, grey cladding that imitates stone and blends in perfectly with the surrounding landscape.

The swimming pool is 10 x 5 m with a built-in square staircase that offers comfortable access to the swimming pool. In order to highlight the steps, they have been marked with the Carrara mosaic from the Zen collection. Both the Sarsen and Carrara references are mosaics that include the Safe Steps system; therefore, they are class 3 non-slip mosaics.

In this project Ezarri has overcome by far the challenge of integrating a swimming pool with 21st-century innovative and safe materials in an area with a traditional house protected by the UNESCO. A challenge for which materials from the same area were used and an iconic design where Ezarri´s swimming pool tiles marked the difference.

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