Private swimming pools

Ezarri swimming pool mosaics: water in its most beautiful state.

Thanks to the wide range of colours, sizes and textures of Ezarri´s mosaics, you can create the exact effect that you want for your pool.

Glass mosaics reflect the water’s natural beauty like no other material. There are able to adapt to curved surfaces, they there are resistant and beautiful, it´s a pure, clean and elegant mosaic..

With our wide range of mosaics for swimming pools, you can turn your pool into a luxurious oasis.


We have a variety of collections with coloured tiles, different effects and varying textures that are ideal for lining your swimming pool.

We seek quality and perfection in finishes.

JointPoint System®

Its simplicity in installation brings about finishes of unparalleled quality.

Made in Spain

All of our mosaics are manufactured in our facilities at Lazkao, the Basque Country, Spain.

CORNER and COVE special pieces

Exclusively designed by Ezarri to optimally and safely tap the edges of your pool’s steps.

ISO 9001 Quality Certification

We guarantee the complete control of our quality management system.

We Customise Your Pool

Custom Mixes

We make mixes that are specifically designed for you, thus giving your pool´s coating a unique flair. Use our mix generator.

Digital Printing

Photos, logos, initials.... whatever the design may be, with our technology we can print any image onto our mosaics. Additionally, printed images are resistant to chemical products.

What colour will my pool´s water have?

Le damos las pautas para elegir el mosaico que mejor se adapte a sus necesidades y preferencias.
¡Descubra los factores que determinan el color del agua de su piscina en el siguiente artículo de nuestro blog!

What colour will my pool´s water have?

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Projects undertaken


Fosfo Collection
Coral - Iris collection - Pool - Ezarri


Iris Collection


Iris Collection
2522-B - Niebla Collection - Pool - Ezarri


Niebla Collection


Iris Collection
Jade - Iris collection - Pool - Ezarri


Iris Collection


Space Collection


Fosfo Collection
Bellini - Cocktail Collection - Pool - Ezarri


Cocktail Collection


Iris Collection


cocktail Collection

Green Pearl

Iris Collection


Iris Collection


Iris Collection
Dolerite - Zen Collection - Pool - Ezarri


Zen Collection

Perla and Ebano

Iris Collection

Success stories

Private Villa

Sydney, Australia

Private Swimming Pool Ezarri Mosaic Tile

Private Swimming Pool in Paris


Private Villa

England (Batley)