06 Sep 2018
Private Swimming Pools

A pool in Colombia covered with Ezarri mosaics receives an award from PNS Pool and Spa news

Another triumph for the Ezarri pool coverings. We have participated in the construction of a pool in Medellín (Antioquia, Colombia) which has won the Masters of Design 2018 award. This is an award given by the specialist magazine PSN Pool and Spa News, an international publication with considerable prestige in the construction and design sector.

The pool belongs to a private villa. In its construction, the Taurus style reference from the Ezarri Space collection was used. It is a pool covering that stands out for the versatility provided by its range of colours and the fact that it radiates an abundance of energy.

The Taurus style reference, one of the 6 in the Space collection, provides a mosaic with satin effects and soft highlights. It is a type of vitreous glass mosaic tile that is especially suitable for covering pools, spas, saunas and wellness spaces.


A pool that blends into the landscape

The magazine PSN Pool and Spa News publishes a photo gallery with all the prize winners on its cover. It notes that “the annual Masters of Design gallery celebrates the best in all kinds of swimming pools and spas. This includes cement, fibreglass, vinyl-lined and portable spas”. It is also worth highlighting the publication’s comment that “the industry has seen great advances in design”.

The pool is located in the heart of a valley rich in lush vegetation. It is a setting where the full range of green tones is on display. The main house, with a strident modern design, combines wooden structures with cement. And the prize-winning pool is located in the garden.

The covering of swimming pools adopts green tones

The covering of swimming pools adopts green tones

The editors of the publication note that “it is a masterpiece of simple geometry that perfectly sets off the house”. They add: “Wrapping around two sides of the home and clad in materials that complement the abode’s colour and texture, this pool/spa combination forms an oasis of geometry among the native lush greenery.”

Indeed, “the clean L-shaped pool with perimeter overflow serves as a perfect companion to the house. And its colours also blend with the natural lake just beyond the property’s confines.” On the practical side, one leg of the pool serves as a 25-metre swimming lane.

With regard to Ezarri, according to PSN Pool and Spa News, “the green glass mosaic is perfectly in tune with the surroundings. This has become a trend in the naturally verdant region, where some believe a blue pool wouldn’t look natural.”

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