24 Okt 2019
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Ezarri’s recipe for the French Toast & Co patisserie

This year Ezarri will be in Paris, in one of the sweetest places in the city of light and love. On this occasion it involves Ezarri demonstrating the ability to successfully use mosaics for decoration. This is the chosen option for a new chain of French patisseries.

We’re talking about French Toast & Co, a franchise that has recently been launched on the market. The rapidly expanding company offers the typical exquisite traditional French pastries. 

And in order to make the presentation more appealing to the public and inspire customer loyalty there is nothing better than decorating with mosaics. The aim is the creation of a comfortable, charming and even appetising atmosphere in the establishment. And this has been achieved thanks to the decoration with Ezarri mosaics.

Decoration with mosaics for the patisserie French Toast & Co

Decoration with mosaics to create a special atmosphere


The French Toast & Co shop is a clear example of the possibilities offered by decoration using mosaics. Located on the Gare de Lyon, next to the River Seine and a fifteen-minute walk from Notre Dame, it operates as a takeaway.

Inside, the Ezarri mosaic combines perfectly with the wood and the sugar and butter of croissants, muffins and French toast offered by French Toast & Co. The result is an extremely effective mosaic design;

A decoration that offers the customer a background of light and comfortable woods next to brightly shining counters and sides in the selected Ezarri combination. The combination of the wood and the Ezarri mosaic is spectacular.

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