Interior Design

Mosaics for bathrooms, kitchens and interiors

Tiles especially designed to meet the aesthetic needs of interior design. From a shower tray to a tile finish for bathrooms or a kitchen splash guard, Ezarri´s interior design mosaics are sure to stimulate your senses.

A Wide Variety of Colours and Formats

We have a variety of collections with coloured tiles, different effects and varying textures which are ideal for beautifully finishing off your bathroom or kitchen.

Three Tile Formats for Bathrooms. We stock three sizes: the classic size (2.5 x 2.5 cm), the interesting 3 .6 x 3.6 cm size and the modern and contemporary 5 x 5 cm size to let you make a statement.

Customise your Bathroom by Printing any Image on our Tiles

Make your bathroom or kitchen mosaic unique and one of a kind. Digital printing technology possibilities are endless.

The Beauty of the Mosaic Also relies on the grout

Use different joint colours and their "glittering" effects to enhance the mosaic´s aesthetic qualities.

The same colour mosaics with varying grout colours can yield very different design results. Use our mix generator to see the different effects.

At a technical level, we recommend the use of epoxy grout classified as RG. This type of joint remains consistent over time and its maintenance is convenient.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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Projects undertaken

Mosaic - Bathroom - Deco - Shower - Ezarri

Carrara + Tigrato + Digitallly Printed Mosaic

Mosaic - Bathroom - Deco - Ezarri


Cocktail collection

Digital Print Mosaic



Zen Collection


Cocktail Collection


Cocktail Collection


Topping Collection

Gin Fizz

Cocktail Collection


Zen Collection


Metal Collection


Topping Collection

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