27 Mr 2017
Private Swimming Pools

A beautiful ivory swimming pool among the olive trees of Tuscany

In the heart of Tuscany, one of Europe’s most attractive tourist destinations, between the beautiful cities of Pisa, Siena or Florence, a villa turned into a farmhouse hotel decided to expand its offer with an infinity pool that could offer clients a haven of coolness and peace surrounded by the most soght-after landscape in a privileged environment. Ezarri Mosaico accepted the challenge and has already become a reference for the rural tourism of this beautiful region in Italy.

If there’s something Ezarri likes it is a challenge and fulfilling clients’ requirements with quality. In the case of the Monte Casone farmhouse hotel, located in the heart of Tuscany, surrounded by a beautiful landscape full of life and olive trees, with all the charm of a region that makes you fall in love with it, this has been one of them.

You must remember that Monte Casone is located a stone’s throw away from the legendary towns of Volterra and San Gimignano. As the owners of this wonderful farmhouse hotel like to explain, “Monte Casone is a piece of heaven blessed with views and scenery and make it a beautiful postcard”.

The swimming pool in Monte Casone is one of the farmhouse hotel’s most attractive places. Measuring 14 m x 10 m and with Roman steps, it manages to enhance the overall location.

The colour to be used in the pool was basic to achieve the final expected result. Seeking integration both with the building and with the surroundings, the colour finally chosen was Ivory from the Iris collection by Ezarri https://www.ezarri.com/en/marfil. And the result is spectacular.  For the pool steps the non-slip Ivory colour was used to provide maximum safety.

In addition the Monte Casone farmhouse hotel is comprised of three different buildings designed and equipped to offer the visitor a marvellous experience, to find refuge and enjoy all the commodities of your own home while in the middle of the gentle Tuscan hills.

Once again, Ezarri took on a big challenge to create a pool that could meet everyone’s expectations. And it did.

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