11 Jun 2020
Large Projects

Hacienda Altagracia and Ezarri: A five-star hotel in Costa Rica

Ezarri has taken on a professional challenge with its glass mosaic tiles at Hacienda Altagracia in Costa Rica. The hotel opened five years ago and is managed by the Auberge Resort Collection hotel chain. This tourist complex has been recognised on multiple occasions as the best resort in all Central America  

As if that was not enough, it stands out as one of the 100 best in the world, according to the magazine Travel +Leisure. It is classified as a five-star hotel, as a result of the work between Hacienda Altagracia and Ezarri. 

With its aquatic colours, the outdoor infinity swimming pool breaks with the green of the surrounding environment. The views it offers, both day and night, are simply breathtaking. The swimming pool has two outdoor jacuzzis. The surfacing applied is 2501-B by Ezarri, from the Niebla collection. A mosaic in hazy colours, particularly appropriate for swimming pool surfaces.  

The 2545-A mosaic by Ezarri, from the Lisa collection, has also been used for the outdoor swimming pool, a mosaic in flat colours. On the other hand, the outdoor children´s pool has been surfaced with the Azurita reference from the Metal collection by Ezarri. 

Hacienda Altagracia and Ezarri: A five-star hotel in Costa Rica

A great glass mosaic tile for a luxury indoor spa 

The indoor spa area, Central America´s largest, is fully equipped with saunas, steam rooms and massage parlours. The indoor swimming pool -which includes two jacuzzis- has been built with large windows to enjoy the landscape. 

Here a special, tailored mix combination has been used: 

All the references are from the Iris collection, where Zafiro offers a cobalt blue mosaic and Ambar is a mosaic with yellow effects, also iridescent. On the other hand, Azur is a bright blue mosaic and Perla is a white mosaic. 

Located in the country´s southern region, Hacienda Altagracia is in one of Costa Rica’s last hidden paradises: Pérez Zeledón, in the south of the country. The resort has multiple offerings. It has fifty individual huts, Central America´s largest spa, a series of swimming pools, several restaurants and a spectacular equestrian centre. Ezarri has taken care of the pool areas, one of Hacienda Altagracia’s big attractions.  

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