25 Sep 2023

Gold Collection

“The sun become metal,
light become matter,
intellect become mosaic.” 

Gold is the value of the idea.
A tangible metal that we measure
by intangible value.

Golden Dreams

A collection of pure 24 carat gold mosaics. 

Avant-garde design that makes it possible for a pure and noble element such as gold to take form and function, giving light and value to unique spaces worthy of admiration. 

Taste and distinction. Reflection and balance. Tradition and modernity come together to adorn places of dreams with elegance and meaning, made of gold.

Gold Collection

24K Gold Mosaics
25mm format in stock
JointPoint® panelling
Gold Mirror finish

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12 references of 25mm tesserae made from cast 24 carat gold, rolled in sheets and wrapped in a protective layer of glass. 

Golden mosaics that you can use to make special combinations, personalising each design and making it more your own than ever. 

A golden embrace for the most select and exclusive swimming pools, baths, wellness areas and luxury shops.

Customize your Gold Mosaic

Personalise and turn your space into gold. Bathe entire locations or add contrasting light with patterns that combine different finishes; turning exclusive gold mosaics into your own logo or image. 

A golden collection that offers the possibility of bringing together different textures and finishes to elevate your project and make it exceptionally unique and personal.


Gold Collection Catalogue

If you want to see for yourself, download our catalogue with all our new products.

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