09 Jan 2020
Large Projects

Unirii Square - Bucharest, Romania

The objective was to use glass mosaic tiles to rehabilitate the fountains that begin at the Palace of the Parliament and run along a boulevard in the centre of the Romanian capital. And the project was carried out to celebrate the centenary of the unification of the country, which took place in 1918.

It involved an ensemble of 44 independent fountains built in the late 1980s. The system of fountains covers a distance of 1.4 kilometres in front of the Palace of the Parliament, the largest administrative building in the world. 

Ezarri has therefore used glass mosaic tiles to cover the largest system of fountains in the world, located in Bucharest. The system offers a choreography of light, colour, water and sound in a multimedia show unparalleled in the world.

Glass mosaic tiles for 44 fountains in Bucharest

The system of fountains has extraordinary dimensions. The figures relating to the project speak for themselves:

  • 10.200 square metres.

  • 44 independent fountains.

  • 1,4 kilometres.

  • 4 months for the implementation.

That explains why they came to Ezarri, the company which offered the best range of glass mosaic tiles for a unique installation in terms of its dimensions and which was able to complete the challenge of finishing the project in a record time of four months.

These fountains covered with glass mosaic tiles by Ezarri offer a new perspective on the city, in a multimedia choreography that has become the main tourist attraction. Not surprisingly, the show attracts thousands of tourists.

Heraldic motifs in Ezarri printed glass mosaic tiles

In addition, Ezarri has printed glass mosaic tiles to create various coats of arms belonging to the Kings of Romania. They belong to the monarchs who participated in the unification of the country. The ensemble of fountains offers a unique night-time multimedia show. And during the day it shines brilliantly with the mosaic with which Ezarri has covered it.

The coats of arms of the Royal House of Romania created using digital printing on glass mosaic tiles (Custom Printed Mosaic) by Ezarri have been arranged in pairs along the central axis of the boulevard. They cover a surface area of more than one hundred square metres and as the fountains have been redesigned to commemorate the first centenary of the unification of Romania, they also remember the Royal House.

It is here that the full potential of the Ezarri digital mosaic printing is revealed. And it is not only because of the print quality, but also because of the colours and the high definition achieved. The glass mosaic tiles with these heraldic motifs give a profound historical meaning to the Bucharest Fountains project.

And following their inauguration just over a year ago, the fountains in Unirii Square covered by Ezarri with glass mosaic tiles have already become a symbol of the city and a major tourist attraction for the Romanian capital.

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