16 Jul 2020
Private Swimming Pools

Dive in and give a ´like´ to the pool you like best

We at Ezarri are launching an initiative that needs your help to select the best mosaic tile pools. That is why we have created a photo gallery page of pools that we have finished around the world. 

Enjoy a collection of villas, residences, chalets, and dream homes with unique and beautiful solutions. All of which have something in common: they use Ezarri products. 

The mosaic tile pool gallery is presented with an organised, elegant design. This way, each page offers multiple images of idyllic pools that users can vote on. 

The voting method is quite simple. There is a heart superimposed on the bottom-right corner of each photo. If you move your cursor over and click on the heart, your vote will be counted for this pool. You can vote for as many pools as you wish. 

Vote for the best mosaic tile pools Ezarri has worked on

The best mosaic tile pools in the world 

Our goal is to establish the most popular pools each month and year. The fun part is that this information is based off of user participation. Once processed, we will make the announcement in our newsletter that is sent out regularly to subscribed users. So, if you want to be up on the latest, you need to subscribe to our newsletter. 

Lastly, the gallery where you can vote for the mosaic tile pools you like best has a series of filters on the left-hand side that will help you access pool photos according to your personalised tastes. The filters offer five options: 

  1. Usage. 

  2. Tile colour. 

  3. Type of swimming pool. 

  4. Collections. 

  5. A fifth filter that lets you access the most popular pools with just one click. 

 Now it´s your turn. Dive in, the water´s fine! Click on the pools you like best. We´re sure you´re going to enjoy the incredible spaces we´ve helped create. 
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