04 Jun 2020
Private Swimming Pools

Ezarri mosaics cause sensation in New Zealand

Ezarri has had to tackle the surfacing with mosaic of a spectacular private home. The space is distributed brilliantly in order to enjoy an integrated swimming pool and jacuzzi. What it has done gives new meaning to the spectacular ocean views. 

The architectural project where Ezarri has taken care of surfacing the pool area with mosaic is located in New Zealand. 

What´s interesting, after all, is that this idea is combined with total transparency. Because the house, with several volumes and heights, has expansive windows. The ensemble ends at the pool area, comprised of a fully integrated swimming pool and jacuzzi.

Ezarri mosaics cause sensation in New Zealand

A mosaic adapted to the design 

Fior di Bosco, from Ezarri´s Zen collection, is the mosaic chosen for this private home. It is a matte mosaic in grey tones with marble effect. It is an option particularly suitable for interiors, swimming pools, spas, saunas and wellness areas.

In addition, it has the guarantee of being a non-slip mosaic. Sometimes simplicity is the expression of complex elegance.

The architect had a number of ideas with his designs. For example, around the swimming pool he created an infinity edge that merges with the sea. A solution that adapts to the vegetation planted around the perimeter of this home.

As if that wasn’t enough, in a daring proposal, the architect decided that the swimming pool would be in one of the lower modules of this peculiar home. Thus the importance of choosing an adequate surface to balance the whole design.

Ezarri has caused a sensation in this private home facing the ocean. With an innovative and daring design, a spectacular result has been achieved. 

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