15 Nov 2018
Private Swimming Pools

A grey mosaic tile mix for a swimming pool in northern Belgium

Ezarri was challenged to cover a pool located in the north of Belgium with grey mosaic tiles, and we accepted the challenge. The result was a mixture of grey tones that stand out among the intense range of greens of the Belgian landscape.

This private pool has a rectangular shape and is ten metres long and four metres wide, adapted perfectly to the available terrain with four wide lateral steps.

The spectacular filming of the bird’s-eye view of the pool, which then plunges the viewer into the pool as if they were a fish, allows a full appreciation of this range of greys that give the pool a distinguished style and a special beauty.

Ezarri grey mosaic tile in a pool in northern Belgium

Delightful combination of grey mosaic tiles


To achieve this colour combination, the Gin Fizz style reference from the Cocktail collection has been used. It is a mixture of the colours Inox, 2560-A, Capricorn and Lava, combined in different percentages, with the result being the reference Gin Fizz, which combines perfectly with the grey exteriors and the green of the grass.

The Cocktail collection is a mixture of mosaics with different effects, ranging from shiny to matte and also including satin. It is especially suitable for the lining of interiors, swimming pools, spas, saunas and wellness spaces. Cocktail shows that in Ezarri simplicity is the expression of complex elegance.

Ezarri gin fizz

Cocktail – a combination of elegant mosaics

It should also be noted that within the Cocktail collection you can "drink" many combinations to achieve the desired result. For example:

  • Mojito.

  • Manhattan.

  • San Francisco.

  • Margarita.

  • Eclipse.

  • Bloody Mary.

  • Cosmopolitan.

  • Kir Royal.

  • Alexander.

  • Bellini.

  • Daikiri.

  • Caipirinha.

  • Grasshopper.

  • Tomahawk.

  • Blue Moon.

  • Blue Lagoon, or

  • Long Island.

All of them are Ezarri style references that pay homage to these and other famous cocktails from all over the world.

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