09 Jul 2020
Private Swimming Pools

Ezarri travels to Baja California with its glass pool tiles

A pool with glass tiles from the Spanish brand Ezarri snakes around the front porch of a fantastic villa in Mexican Baja California. This glass tile mosaic pool is sweet paradise in blue, a place that competes directly with the sea as it extends out just a few metres away. 

Baja California, infinite porches from which to contemplate the sunset over the Pacific, and an Ezarri glass tile pool. A true pleasure for all of the senses. 

This Ezarri glass tile pool was created in one of the planet´s most privileged places. This is Los Cabos, located at the tip of the Baja California peninsula in Mexico. It is a place that tourists know well, with kilometres of Californian beaches, waves to surf, and the best diving to be found in the Americas. 

Baja California, porches, the Pacific, and an Ezarri glass tile pool

Coolness in a place of permanent summer 

This private residence´s Ezarri glass tile pool in Mexico´s Los Cabos is a swimming pool with an irregular shape. But of course, with views of the Pacific Ocean from this idyllic, exclusive area. 

The reference used is colour ref 2503-D from the Niebla collection. This is a blue indigo colour with fading that is typical of the Niebla collection. These glass tiles have misty colours, and like many Ezarri mosaics, they are specifically meant for use in pools, saunas, and wellness spaces. 

The bluish tones of this pool reflect the Baja California sky, inviting you to enjoy the permanent summer as they compete with the crystal blue waters of the Sea of Cortez, a sea named in honour of the Spanish conquistador. 

The Ezarri glass tile pool is interrupted with fountains of water, which create a marvellously refreshing sensation. The project is rounded out with a sumptuous Jacuzzi that is integrated into the pool itself at its centre. 

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