26 Dez 2019
Cleaning and maintenance

Ezarri epoxy grouts – the best option for mosaics

The joints are of fundamental importance. Both the colour to choose and the type of grout to be used are important.

To begin with, there are two broad categories of grout: cement-based grouts and epoxy grouts.

  1. The first are a blend of cement, aggregates, resins and pigments.
  2. The epoxy grouts are made of reactive resins. Their hardening is the result of a chemical reaction. And they are normally two-component materials.

Epoxy grouts last a lifetime

The main difference is that epoxy grouts are much more durable than cement-based grouts. They also require next to no maintenance. 

We have to bear in mind that, in the pools, the joints are submerged. That’s why they are affected by chemical products which are very aggressive. This means that major deterioration can occur.

For this reason, Ezarri recommends the use of epoxy grouts. This will result in less maintenance and better durability. This is because the deterioration is minimal. This last point is particularly important with regard to maintenance because it means that, once applied, they last for almost a lifetime.

Variety of colours in the epoxy grouts

Finally, epoxy grouts are unbeatable from an aesthetic point of view and will help highlight the aesthetics of the mosaic. Ezarri has six colours in stock. These can be complemented with two types of effect: silver (spotlight) and gold. This offers 21 outstanding combinations:

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