03 Okt 2022

New concepts of the infinite with 50mm mosaics

Dreams are unlimited, sometimes eternal, but ezarri can help them to come true. With the larger size of our "Infinite Mosaic" your creativity can soar to new heights. Create tailor-made projects that start with a 50mm piece – 4 times bigger than our conventional 25mm mosaic tiles.

  • Wide range in 50mm.
  • Sharper, clearer, even more striking design.
  • JointPoint® panelling system for easy installation.
  • Many of our mosaic tiles are also available in slip-resistant finish to added safety.
  • Wide variety of Special Pieces to ensure perfect finishes, corners and edges.
  • Everything in stock ready for immediate delivery.

Aquarelle 50

A superb mosaic tile from our Aquarelle collection. Watercolour-inspired pieces featuring soft, non-slip textures and Safe-Steps technology. Matte-finished pieces, joined together with our innovative JointPoint® system. Also available in our special pieces: Corner & Cove.

  • 50mm - in stock
  • JointPoint® panelling
  • Matte finish
  • All tiles in this collection are non-slip based on our Safe-Steps system
  • Special Pieces available - in stock

Some references of the collection:

Zen 50

Infinite pieces embodied in our Zen collection, a commitment to the natural, the simply sophisticated, the harmony of simplicity. The Marble and stone textures in this collection create a sense of relaxation.

  • 50mm - in stock
  • JointPoint® panelling
  • Matte finish
  • 10 tiles available in non-slip - in stock
  • 10 tiles available in Special Pieces - in stock

Some references of the collection:

Iridescent 50

Uniqueness, reflections and originality of the Iridescent collection also feature in this 50mm format. A feast for the senses brought to life in each larger piece, and with the ezarri guarantee.

  • 50mm - in stock
  • JointPoint® panelling
  • Pearl finish
  • 4 tiles available in non-slip - in stock

Some references of the collection:

Committed to people, the responsible sourcing of primary materials, our environment and, above all, the quality of our product; that explains why our 50mm mosaics are made from 100% recycled glass, a sustainable mosaic with which to create your dream space. Because dreams are made of mosaics and big dreams are made of 50mm mosaics.

If you want to see for yourself, download our catalogue with all our new products.

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