07 Feb 2019

The Ezarri Corner piece: a 5-star finish

Ezarri takes another step up in the quality of its products by providing the Corner piece in its mosaic pool tile collection. This is a piece in the shape of an elbow that allows a pool tile finish of the highest quality.

With this piece, the tiling combines the beauty of the colour with extremely effective maintenance. Both of these are fundamental issues for swimming pools with stairs.

The Corner mosaic tile piece for swimming pools has been designed by Ezarri with the aim of offering a high-quality finish for pool steps. The result is aesthetically unbeatable, matching all the colour combinations. At the same time, it embraces them in a harmonious way.

Corner piece

A surprising piece offering both aesthetics and functionality

The Ezarri Corner piece provides a 5-star finish. In addition to its versatility and the high quality of the finish it provides, it is easy to install. This means that the corners of the pool steps will be less complicated to finish.

Aesthetically it is virtually unbeatable. To the extensive and varied Ezarri range of colours and their incredible combinations a further six colour options are added for the Corner piece.

In this way, the colours can be adapted to the taste of each customer. The different options for the Corner mosaic tile piece for pools are as follows:

  • Corner 45-A SAFE, with a white tone.

  • Corner 60-A SAFE, with a light grey tone.

  • Corner 16-B SAFE, with a dark grey tone.

  • Corner 03-D SAFE, with a dark blue tone.

  • Corner 05-A SAFE, with a medium blue tone.

  • Corner FOSFO SAFE, a phosphorescent corner piece.
Mosaic tile pool with Corner piece

A finishing piece in non-slip mosaic tile

The Ezarri Corner piece has another very attractive feature: it is non-slip. This property ensures maximum safety for the users of the pool where it has been installed. This is achieved thanks to the Ezarri Safe Steps system. This is a non-slip mosaic system that makes them safer, smoother and easier to clean.

The success of the Safe Steps system is a result of the perfect combination of the elegance of the pool tile with the highest level of non-slip safety.

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