14 Jun 2021

INZU Group, the power of an industrial group

INZU Group is an internationally recognised industrial group consisting of highly specialised companies from different sectors. Ezarri is a member of the INZU Group, together with twelve other companies across a range of sectors:

  • Machinery for advanced manufacturing systems.
  • Industrial services.
  • Digital technology.
  • Circular economy.
  • R&D.

Talent and commitment are at the core of this group of companies geared to delivering an exceptional customer experience. Therefore, as part of the INZU Group we have made it our mission to work with our customers as partners: "Our commitment to total reliability is the best strategy for building customer loyalty."

INZU Group: Talent and commitment on the inside, excellence on the outside

Ezarri is part of INZU Group, an industrial group offering high value-added solutions and services in a range of sectors. And one of the keys is the Group´s global vision. With engineering and manufacturing facilities in the north of Spain, the INZU Group exports more than 90% of its turnover, with support from its global sales and service network.

But we all do it together guided by the same philosophy: "We want to be partners to our customers. We understand their needs, working together and supporting them with our products and services.

The aim is to strive for excellence in all areas. INZU Group is built on the talent and commitment of its workforce, with a constant focus on an exceptional customer experience.

A spirit of innovation is what drives this group of companies forward. Research and development are carried out on a permanent basis to meet the specific needs of customers, offering high value-added technological solutions.

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