29 Mai 2017
Large Projects

Ezarri Mosaico, star of the Hard Rock Hotel in Tenerife

The idea is hard to beat: An eternal spring with an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius all year round. An island, Tenerife, in the Atlantic Ocean. A town, Adeje. A chain, the well-known Hard Rock brand, which has opened its second hotel in Europe. The first one in Ibiza. And in both cases their leisure facilities are a clear priority, with the main attraction being their superb swimming pools tiled by Ezarri Mosaico – a company which the international brand has trusted once again because of its high quality standards – which allow their guests to enjoy an authentic rock star experience. 

The Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife has two outdoor swimming pools and a spa where you can enjoy the pleasant climate of the Canary Islands or a night-time dip while sipping a cocktail in the Eden or Splash bars.

The contribution by Ezarri has been a total success. The lining of the outdoor pools involved the use of special mixes created by the architect who designed the new hotel project. The architect made extensive use of the Ezarri Mosaic Mixtures Generator, and selecting the different percentages for the combinations and taking advantage of the wide range of mosaic colours available, he was able to design combinations for outdoor pools which, from their island of Tenerife setting, directly rival the Atlantic Ocean itself.

Two giant logos were also designed to personalise the pool according to the requirements of the hotel chain.

Another of the facilities that most attract the guests who enjoy this type of hotel establishment is the spa. Here, too, the work carried out by Ezarri has been important. The lining of the spa plays with shades of blue, and the use of anti-slip mosaics which have also been made to measure for this project is worth highlighting.

There is one more feature that is particularly popular with the guests of the Hard Rock Hotel in Tenerife: the outdoor hammocks. These are covered with mosaic and allow guests to relax in the dreamy pools.

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