13 June 2019

An Ezarri pool in the Toronto sky, 500 metres from the tallest tower in America

The Spanish mosaic of Ezarri has been taken up into the Toronto sky in the outdoor pool of the Bisha hotel. It is a resounding success. Toronto is not only the largest city in Canada, it is also the fourth most attractive city in the world.
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06 June 2019

8 keys to installing Ezarri mosaics

Installing Ezarri mosaics requires a specific technique so we recommend following this brief guide that summarises the procedure in 8 steps:
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30 May 2019

Gold award for an Ezarri pool with phosphorescent glass mosaic tiles

Swimming pools have a special attraction at night, being perhaps even more seductive. If you add a private chateau on the French Mediterranean coast, on the famous Côte d´Azur, the result is both surprising and suggestive, especially if phosphorescent glass mosaic tile is used.
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25 April 2019

Swimming pool mosaic tiles and the reflections of the Caribbean

Did you know that white mosaic pool tiles are one of the most popular coatings as a decorative feature? There is no doubt that a swimming pool is one of the features that gives more personality to a hotel, or to a private house.
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11 April 2019

Why choose digital printing on mosaics?

Digital printing on mosaics is one of the solutions that make Ezarri an outstanding brand. The technology has developed in a striking way in recent times.
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04 April 2019

Create a personal and inimitable space with mosaic bathroom tiles

Every day more users choose mosaic bathroom tiles to give a special touch to their homes. The bathroom is the most personal room in a home. Until relatively recently, it was not a place where fashion, trends or design had any kind of prominence.
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