29 August 2019

Ezarri presents the 50 Collection at the Cersaie Exhibition

Ezarri is attending the Cersaie Exhibition as we do every year. There we will present the new products for the 2020 season as well as our entire catalogue with its wide variety of collections and solutions.
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22 August 2019

Do you know about the Ezarri special mosaic pieces Cove and Corner?

Ezarri is the only company that has special mosaic pieces. These are the Ezarri Cove and Corner pieces, specially designed for the optimal completion of steps in swimming pools and wellness spaces, as well as for bathrooms.
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11 July 2019

New Features on Ezarri´s Website: Image Galleries

Ezarri continues to improve its customer service with several new features on its website. One of the most noteworthy of those new features is the Image Gallery, which contains a full repertoire of many of our creations.
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04 July 2019

The Ezarri Mix Generator: Now by Colour Too

The Ezarri Mix Generator by Colours is a powerful, innovative tool designed to test the effects of your custom mix. Its versatility and array of options ensure that every project bears the mark of its designer.
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27 June 2019

Are you familiar with the new organisational scheme of Ezarri´s collections?

Ezarri´s collections have been reorganised so that they can be viewed in a more orderly, accessible, and simple way. The aim is to make it easier to select mosaics from Ezarri´s extensive portfolio.
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13 June 2019

An Ezarri pool in the Toronto sky, 500 metres from the tallest tower in America

The Spanish mosaic of Ezarri has been taken up into the Toronto sky in the outdoor pool of the Bisha hotel. It is a resounding success. Toronto is not only the largest city in Canada, it is also the fourth most attractive city in the world.
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