Jointpoint system

What is Ezarri's JointPoint system?

This is a technologically advanced system that has been designed solely by Ezarri and that guarantees perfect and uniform mosaic installation.

JointPoint's advantages

  • JointPoint maximum grip

    Maximum grip surface

    92% of the mosaic's surface is free for applying the adhesive. Durability guarantee.

  • JointPoint easy fitting

    Ease of installation. 25% time saving

    compared with the paper-based panelling system.

  • JointPoint high quality finish

    Excellent finishes.

    Thanks to the ease of installation and visual control for tile placement.

  • JointPoint impervious to moisture

    Not affected by moisture.

    Does not expand or contract like mesh or paper-based panelling systems.

  • Exclusive JointPoint adhesive

    Exclusive JointPoint adhesive formula

    JointPoint provides the perfect combination of malleability and stiffness. It is flexible and easy to cut.

  • JointPoint minimum thickness

    Even the smallest area is uniform and controllable.

    JointPoint has minimal thickness and is very uniform and controllable.

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