Architects and interior designers

Ezarri for interior designers

A wide range of colours and formats developed for your projects.

In Ezarri's extensive style reference portfolio, you are sure to find the mosaic solution that your pool, spa or interior design project needed.

We customise your projects

Digital printing of mosaics

Digital printing allows us to put any image onto the mosaic, thus ensuring your project is unique and one of a kind.

Custom mixes

We also do custom mixes for our customers. With the mix generator tool, you can discover the multiple mosaic mixes that are possible.

Mix generator

Made in Spain

Ezarri facilities

All of our mosaics are manufactured in our facilities at Lazkao, the Basque Country, Spain. In this way, we control 100% of the quality of our entire production process, at the same time ensuring that we have 95% of all our style references in stock.

We stand by our customers during their projects.

Ezarri Design Department

Ezarri has a specialised Large Project Department and a Design Department to help you with your needs.

Eco-friendly mosaics

Eco-friendly mosaics

We are a company that is aware of the importance of environmental care and sustainable development.

100% of the glass we use is recycled.

Our products have ISO 14021 Environmental Certification, and we hold ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification.

Texture library

Texture library

At Ezarri we have a library of texture maps for use in 3D modelling programs.

Contact us to request the style references required by your project.

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International experience

Yes, experience counts. Especially when it comes to big projects, when it comes to glass mosaic installations in which excellence is sought and unforeseen circumstances must be minimised to the greatest extent possible.

Luckily, at Ezarri, we have over 30 years' experience and hundreds of international projects in our portfolio.