15 Feb 2022
Private Swimming Pools

The magic of an Ezarri white swimming pool

The magic of an Ezarri white swimming pool makes the water a delightfully captivating sky blue. That’s why white tiles have long been among the most popular choices for swimming pools.

The timeless colour has remained a favourite in swimming pool design. The colour produced by white tile both underwater and on dry surfaces makes it an ideal choice for any swimming pool project.

Keep in mind that the deeper the pool, the bluer the water. Sunlight is another important factor in the colour of pool water.

Brighter sunlight will enhance the water colour, while dimmer light will produce a darker shade. A pool that’s surrounded by greenery will appear darker and greener, whereas pool water will take on a lighter tone in a desert-like landscape.

Choosing the right mosaic tile for your pool is essential to achieve the water colour you´re after.

It is important to understand that the colour of the water will not only depend on the colour of the mosaic. Other factors play a major role, including:

  1. Water depth
  2. Sunlight where the pool is located
  3. The environment
  4. Whether the pool is indoors or outdoors
  5. The lighting used

Colour effects in a white swimming pool

White tile with water produces a pale sky blue effect, reminiscent of the blue of the Mediterranean or even the colour of the Caribbean Sea.

Ezarri tiles that give this shade are, for example: Carrara, Perla, Diamond or 2545-A.

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