25 Apr 2019
Private Swimming Pools

Swimming pool mosaic tiles and the reflections of the Caribbean

Did you know that white tiles for swimming pools are one of the most popular coatings as a decorative feature? The magic of an Ezarri white swimming pool makes the water a delightfully captivating sky blue.

There is no doubt that a swimming pool is one of the features that gives more personality to a hotel, or to a private house.

The design of the pool, the concept for the surroundings and the selection of mosaic swimming pool tile are fundamental issues when it comes to achieving the desired effect.

The mosaic pool tile is a frequent and fashionable option when it comes to finishing solutions in the world of water. Both for its technical characteristics and for its aesthetic beauty, it is an ideal choice for all pool projects.

The colour of the pool with a white mosaic

Ezarri Lisa collection

The question of choosing the mosaic for your pool is really important. The colour of the water will not only be determined by the colour of the chosen mosaic but will be strongly influenced by other factors. These include:

  1. The depth of the water

  2. The light in the place where the pool is located.

  3. The surroundings.

  4. Whether it is an indoor or an outdoor pool.

  5. The lighting used.

Keep in mind that the deeper the pool, the bluer the water. Sunlight is another important factor in the colour of pool water.

Brighter sunlight will enhance the water colour, while dimmer light will produce a darker shade. A pool that’s surrounded by greenery will appear darker and greener, whereas pool water will take on a lighter tone in a desert-like landscape.

Because of all these factors, the white mosaic tile is widely used as a pool coating. It also allows you to achieve very interesting effects. For example, the white of the mosaic together with the luminosity of the sun in combination with the water produces aesthetically outstanding clear blue effects, as if you were in the Caribbean.

Choose your Caribbean pool from a wide variety of white mosaics for the ideal pool

Ezarri Perla pool tile

Taking into account everything noted above, which choice of pool tile from the Ezarri catalogue would be appropriate? These are 4 of the shades of white mosaic that will enhance light, sky-blue water pools:

  • Carrara, from the Zen collection, is an anti-slip matte mosaic with a marble effect.

  • Perla, from the Iris collection, is a white mosaic with an iridescent effect.

  • Diamond, from the Iris collection, is a mixture of white mosaics with and without iridescent effects.

2545-A, from the Lisa collection, is a mosaic in flat colours which are solid and striking.

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