15 Nov 2018
Cleaning and maintenance

How do chemical products affect glass mosaic tiles?

One of the key issues to understand the quality of the Ezarri mosaic tiles for swimming pools is their response to the chemical products used in the maintenance and cleaning of the pools. So, do the chemical products used for swimming pools affect the Ezarri tiles? The answer is clear and emphatic: no. A resounding no. Chemical products have no effect on the Ezarri glass mosaic pool tiles.

And chemical products for swimming pools include all the chemicals that are normally used for the maintenance of the pool water. For example, chlorine, PH regulators and anti-algae products. None of these products used in the concentrations recommended by the manufacturers have any effect on the pool tile.

There is a test specifically for ceramic products to measure the resistance to chemicals. This is the UNE ISO 105445-13 test. The test uses five test specimens. These are used to measure the effect of a series of chemical compounds, from weakest to strongest, on the relevant sample. In this case, the glass mosaic pool tiles.

The result that Ezarri has obtained in these tests is that there is no visual evidence that they affect glass mosaic tiles. You can see the results of the tests on our website.

glass mosaic pool tiles

There is no effect when chemicals are applied to the Ezarri glass mosaic pool tiles

For example, the IRIS collection has a rating of “A” in the UNE ISO 105445-13 test. 2. The summary of the tests carried out in the Laboratory of the School of Architecture at the University of Navarre to determine the chemical resistance of the Ezarri ceramic tile demonstrates that:

  1. First, there is no visible effect observed when household cleaning products in the form of an ammonium chloride solution are applied (100 g/l).

  2. Similarly, no visible change is observed when applying salts for pools in the form of sodium hypochlorite (20 mg/l).

  3. Third, the same results as those above are obtained when low concentration acids and bases are applied. That is, there is no visible effect. For example, the test was carried out with 3% hydrochloric acid, citric acid and potassium hydroxide (30 g/l).

  4. Fourth and last, tests were carried out with high concentration acids and bases, such as 18% hydrochloric acid. They were also carried out with 5% lactic acid and potassium hydroxide (100 g/l).

These tests and the ratings obtained represent a clear list of reasons why glass mosaic provides an optimal solution for the covering of swimming pools, spas and wellness spaces.

And it is a scientifically proven fact that the chemical products for the maintenance of the swimming pool water do not affect the mosaic. The same is also true for cleaning products. Finally, it should be noted that the Ezarri collections are very easy to install and maintain.



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