18 June 2020
Cleaning and maintenance

Removing limescale from Ezarri mosaics

Limescale is common in hard water with high percentage of lime. We recommend the following products for removing limescale from the mosaic surface, listed in order from less aggressive to most aggressive:

  1. Deterdek (from Fila). Detergent with buffer solution. Does not release toxic gasses. Does not harm the user or the environment. Substitute for hydrochloric acid. Does not alter the appearance or colour of the materials treated. Does not damage grout.
    Removes limescale from surfaces, cladding and bathware.
  2. PH Zero (from Fila). An acid viscous descaler especially indicated for final surface cleaning and removing limescale. 
  3. Piscimar PM-102 Scale & Stain Cleaner. A pool cleaner with a powerful descaling action which does not damage grout. Recommended for cleaning limescale from lane dividers.
    This is a highly acidic product yet does not release irritating vapours and is therefore very manageable.
  4. Decalcit Super (from Bayrol). A special acid cleaning gel for removing limescale from pool walls and the pool bottom. Contains a hydrochloric acid concentration of 5-15%. 
  5. PM-132 Fortius (from Piscimar). Extra strong descaler. This product has a hydrochloric acid concentration of 20-25%