04 June 2018
Private Swimming Pools

An Ezarri swimming pool in Flanders

Choosing the right glass mosaic is essential when installing a pool because it will also give the water the colour that you want.

There is an expression in Spanish, “to put a pike in Flanders”, which means to reach a particularly difficult milestone. And this is what we have achieved at Ezarri by fitting a swimming pool in a private home in Flemish Belgium. It is a project which, from the point of view of the customer, has successfully combined the initial design with blending into the environment.

To achieve this, Ezarri has used a glass mosaic from the Zen collection, with the Tigrato design. In addition to being beautiful, this tile also has the characteristic of being anti-slip, since the Tigrato collection incorporates the Safe Steps anti-slip system.

A rectangular swimming pool in a private property in Belgium

The private pool in Belgium which Ezarri has covered with glass mosaic has a length of ten metres and a width of four metres, giving it a rectangular shape.

It is also complemented by built-in steps that rise up in one of the corners. There are four wide steps so that the pool can be entered easily and safely.

These steps are submerged in such a way that they form a large and comfortable space like a bench, making it possible to sit in the water and enjoy the pool. This is a feature that is always well-received in all types of private projects.

A glass mosaic inspired by marble

One of the most outstanding features of this creation is the play of colours that the use of Ezarri mosaics allows.

The colour of the pool is effectively defined by the choice of a mosaic from the Zen collection. This is a range of glass mosaics inspired by stone, marble and wood, with a naturally matte texture.

The Tigrato model is a matte glass mosaic in greys with a marble effect. It is a material that is especially suitable for cladding interiors, spas, saunas, wellness spaces and, as this is the case, for swimming pools.

The use of digital printing means that the Tigrato style reference is a mosaic of different greys that emulate the vein of “tigrato” (striped) marble. The result is that the sheet of water highlights the beauty of the Ezarri glass mosaics.

Also outstanding is the way that the colour of the water takes on greenish blue tones that combine very well with the greys of the pool surround and with the lawn of the garden.

Safe Steps – beauty and safety for swimming pools

This private pool in Belgium covered with the Ezarri product, with the straight forms of both the swimming pool basin and the exterior, makes for a minimalist style that is enhanced by the grey colour of the basin.

The Tigrato style reference from the Zen collection also has the characteristic of being an anti-slip mosaic, so that beauty and safety are combined in the same product.

Safe Steps is the name of Ezarri’s anti-slip system. This is a new system that makes mosaics safer, smoother and easier to clean.

The outstanding feature of this product compared to the previous anti-slip systems used is that the surface is not rough; it no longer resembles sandpaper. So, in addition to being much easier to clean and maintain, it is also much more pleasant to the touch. It provides the users with a smoother texture.

Safe Steps is available in a variety of colours and formats. Its success is a result of the perfect combination of the elegance of glass and maximum anti-slip safety. Who would not want to have a pool like this one?

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