31 May 2024
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Spectacular Turquoise Green Mosaic Pool for a Villa in the Forest

Spectacular Turquoise Green Mosaic Pool for a Villa in the Forest

Imagine this scene: an impressive villa with a new addition, a space for relaxation and a greater connection with nature. A link between the home and its outdoor space. Picture a new turquoise green mosaics pool rising above a forest of pines and palm trees, accessible directly from your living room...

Now, add to this image a turquoise green mosaic. The mosaic forms a gradient in green tones, blending perfectly with the surrounding landscape, creating an atmosphere of serenity.

What makes a pool go from simply functional to becoming a designer masterpiece? The secret lies in the details, and in the world of pool construction, the mosaics play a crucial role in creating a unique and attractive environment.


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This project, which combines a pool with a custom turquoise green gradient mosaics,  represent the perfect synthesis between innovation and elegance. This specific pool, made with fiberglass reinforced polyester, offer unparalleled versatility, allowing customization with a wide range of options according to the client´s needs and tastes.

The turquoise green mosaics pool is coated with ezarri recycled glass mosaic. Not only it´s aesthetically appealing, but it also offers a series of practical benefits. Its unique design and smooth, durable finish is the perfect choice for those looking to combine beauty and functionality in their pool project.

Moreover, in this case, the turquoise green mosaics pool features a custom gradient that integrates effortlessly with the natural surroundings, creating a smooth and harmonious transition between the pool and the landscape. This feature is especially important in pool projects for villas and small hotels, where aesthetics and integration with the environment are key considerations. 

In summary, glass mosaics not only beautify your pool but also enhances your swimming experience by providing a tranquil and relaxing environment. Are you ready to take your turquoise green mosaics pool project to the next level with this innovative tiling option? Dive into the beauty of ezarri mosaics and discover how it can transform your pool into an oasis of luxury and style.


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