20 August 2018
Private Swimming Pools

A “Bali swimming pool” colour by Ezarri

The combination of this Bali swimming pool by ezarri is a guaranteed success. The components of this natural swimming pool, a villa in the middle of the exuberant natural landscape, with a swimming pool by ezarri, the mosaic of which blends in with the Bali-coloured waters.

This natural swimming pool uses the Bali Stone reference from the Zen collection by ezarri. The Bali swimming pool contributes a palette of colours that gives the swimming pool´s water a tone that is fashionable now for natural swimming pools.

A swimming pool that uses natural colours

With this swimming pool, Ezarri achieves an Asian touch, an Indonesian effect. Something that this natural swimming pool achieves with nature thanks to its colours. One of the characteristic features of the matt Bali Stone mosaic, which has a stone effect particularly indicated for installations such as this Bali swimming pool.

In addition, the Bali Stone mosaic from the Zen collection by Ezarri offers the possibility of achieving a colourful combination for a Bali swimming pool water. And after its installation, it offers an extraordinary colour, surpassing more traditional colours.

The result is fabulous: The deeper areas of the Bali swimming pool show a more natural green colour of water while in the shallower entrance areas the colour changes and produces a river pebble effect. Spectacular!

Bali swimming pool

The Bali Stone mosaic adapts to the shapes of the swimming pool without requiring any type of cutting

The Bali natural swimming pool by ezarri´s polymorphous, but thanks to the special JointPoint system by ezarri, it can adapt to all shapes without cutting.

This type of mosaic from the Zen collection by ezarri offers designers and constructors the possibility to adapt to any shape of swimming pool, as can be seen in this Bali swimming pool in a private home. There is no need to cut the mosaic, meaning that the installation is fast, simple and effective.

This natural swimming pool is surrounded by many plants, rocks and stones, giving this special personality, an ideal way to connect the Bali swimming pool with nature. Complemented with a wide range of colours which vary depending on the depth of the swimming pool and the soft edges, which allows the Bali swimming pool to adapt to its surroundings.

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