01 May 2018
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Discover the 3D texture maps from Ezarri

The word texture refers to the general appearance of a three-dimensional object. In essence, it makes an object that should be wooden look like wood, or one that should simulate marble look like marble.

The three characteristics that make an object look like the material it is imitating are colour, finish and light. It´s not just colour that makes an object look like the material it is imitating: finish and light matter too. Some objects reflect light, like mirrors. Other refract it, like glass. And others, such as opaque objects, absorb it.

The three characteristics are important and enable us to distinguish between two objects of the same colour e.g. grey. Their finish and how they interact with light allow us to tell them apart. One might be steel, and another cement.

What are 3D textures?

‘3D textures’ are the computer files needed to model environments which simulate reality. They are therefore an ideal tool which architects, interior designers or decorators can use to represent a particular Ezarri product in a project, whether the design for a pool, an interior, a wellness centre or spa.

A professional uses specific computer programmes to create a virtual model of the pool or environment where they want to see how the mosaic looks, and then applies Ezarri’s ‘3D textures’. That is, these ‘textures’ are files holding the information that the 3D

Link to ezarri texture maps 

Ezarri has a library of texture maps for use in 3D modelling programmes, as well as materials created for 3D Max 2015. The materials for 3D Max 2015 are created to real world scale, meaning they can be applied to the proper scale for any project. It is sufficient to conduct modelling to real world scale.

You can contact Ezarri to request the product reference you need for your project. We will then contact you with a link to the folders containing the Ezarri ‘3D textures’. The link will remain active for one month, during which time you will have complete access to all the available files. You will also be able to download the files you need for your projects.

When you click on the link a new tab will open in the browser, where you will find two folders with the following names:

1-Ezarri 3D Max Materials

2-Ezarri 3D Textures

Let’s see what each one contains.

 1-Ezarri 3D Max Materials.

There is a folder inside for each Ezarri collection:

Inside each folder there are 3D MAX 2015 archives with the material created for each project reference. There are also various .jpg files providing examples of what the MAX files contain:

2-Ezarri 3D Textures

We are presented with the same folder structure by collections:

Within each collection there is a folder for each product reference it contains:

These reference folders contain all the texture maps you need for creating a 3D representation of the product reference in question:

To use the files in the 1-Ezarri 3D Max Materials folder, you need the textures from the 2-Ezarri 3D Textures folder. As we already know, the programme will automatically request these.

We hope that this library of 3D textures will be a great help for developing any project which incorporates Ezarri glass mosaic.

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