Hard Rock Hotel

Ibiza. España
The first hotel built in Europe by the prestigious Hard Rock Hotels chain. Using Ezarri´s swimming pool mosaics, all the outdoor pools were lined with custom mixes – as well as the spas. The chain´s logotype was also made up and installed in the pool´s centre.

Mosaics chosen

Custom mixes for the Eden Pool: Colours used: Scorpio, Leo, Perla Anti, Capricorn, Lava, Perla and Lava Anti.

Custom mixes for the Splash Pool: Scorpio, Perla Anti, Leo, Oxido, Perla, Scorpio and Aurum.

Custom mixes for the Swim Ups Pool: Arena Anti, Perla Anti, Cuarzo Anti, Arema, Parla and Cuarzo.

Spa Area. Style Reference: Cobre


  • To develop the special mixes, the architect César Alonso used the Mix Generator.
  • The chain´s logotype was done via the mosaic/mosaic system, or pixelation.
  • All floors are non-slip, with class 3 slip resistance.
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