04 Oct 2018
Interior Design

Six advantages of glass mosaic tiles for bathrooms

The use of mosaic tiles for bathrooms offers a wide variety of interior decorating possibilities. From a shower tray to a bathroom or kitchen splash guard, the Ezarri mosaics for interior decoration will stimulate your five senses.

Variety of colors

The first big advantage of glass mosaic for bathrooms is the extensive range of colours that we offer, making them very attractive visually. Nowadays, thanks to the latest technologies, it is possible to find almost any colour you can imagine. This makes it possible for bathrooms covered with glass mosaic tile to be decorated in a personalised and unique way.

The variety of colours and finishes available is therefore a very important aesthetic advantage. White, green, grey, black – and even red. They are all colours that we are currently using for finishes in the different projects on which Ezarri is working.



Choose an image and use it in your bathroom. With the Ezarri mosaic for bathrooms, we can personalise your bathroom with a 100% maintenance guarantee.

Personalise your bathroom and make it exactly the way you want.

Adaptability to all shapes and sizes

One of the reasons why glass mosaic tiles are chosen for bathrooms is their adaptability to all kinds of shapes and curves. This characteristic allows problem-free adaptation to very critical areas and hollows that are very difficult to cover, whereas great difficulties are encountered when coating rounded areas with other materials that come in larger sizes.

Glass: Natural and ecological beauty

Mosaic tiles for bathrooms is the popular name for what is technically known as vitreous glass mosaic. Vitreous glass mosaic is composed of glass and dye.

This results in a fundamental ecological feature, since 100% of the glass used is recycled glass. Therefore, in the case of Ezarri, the raw material for the manufacture of mosaic tiles for bathrooms is 100% recycled glass.

Optimal technical solution: Zero water absorption

Since the mosaic tiles for bathrooms are 100% glass they have a water absorption that is almost zero. In the UNE EN ISO 10545-3 water absorption test, the result is 0.1%. It is therefore unbeatable as a technical solution for coating wet areas.

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