13 August 2018

Renew your swimming pool with Ezarri mosaics

The renovation of a polyester swimming pool with Ezarri mosaic is the best choice to make your favourite aquatic installation new again. And to do so you don’t need large investments nor extensive refurbishment work. Ezarri´s solutions enable you to enjoy a completely personalised and modern swimming pool in a simple way.

Has your old greenish-blue polyester swimming fulfilled its mission? It´s time to change it. The time has come to replace that monochromatic swimming pool with a new one that takes advantage of the immense possibilities of the current colour combinations.

polyester swimming pool

A new polyester swimming pool without the huge cost

Polyester is a plastic resin obtained through a chemical reaction. It is highly resistant to humidity and to chemical products. In addition, the result achieved by being able to apply on the polyester swimming pool any of the Ezarri mosaic collections is exceptional.

Choosing  Ezarri mosaics gives you an impressive range of combinations to replace the classic blue colour with a design that precisely fits in with your desires, with the advantage of being able to install all Ezarri colours and collections over the polyester pool.

before and after effect on your pool

The before and after effect on your pool after applying Ezarri mosaics on to your polyester swimming pool will give you a very pleasant surprise.. You will have a brand-new swimming pool with the design and range of colours that please you the most without large expenses. For this purpose, the entire Ezarri range is at your disposal: iridescent, metallised, matte colours… to which you can add finishes for all tastes.

Change your swimming in a simple, reliable and certified way

Change your swimming in a simple, reliable and certified way

Ezarri has more than ten years of experience refurbishing polyester swimming pools, which means that renewing your swimming pool is a simple and reliable process. You´ll only have to decide the appropriate materials and the recommended tools.

This will mean that your polyester swimming pool not only will change its colour but also show enviable vitality.

The quality and efficacy of the Ezarri mosaic in addition to the application techniques have been proven by the Gaiker Technology Centre, dedicated to research and the provision of technological and innovative services for businesses. Gaiker has certified that Ezarri´s solution is reliable and long-lasting.

Give your polyester swimming pool a complete renovation and enjoy the result! Choose between the thousands of design and colour possibilities in Ezarri´s collection of mosaics. Need more information? Contact us!