Pool Builders

Why are mosaics the best choice for covering your pool?

Technically speaking, their near zero absorption of water, their resistance to chemicals and their hardness, along with their ability to adapt to the shape of the pool are the greatest advantages.

Additionally, aesthetically speaking, a range of over 300 colours with different textures and formats that are always in stock, including anti-slip options, makes it hard for you not to find your desired effect.

And, we mustn´t forget about the ability to customise colours and the creative possibilities that digital printing brings.

What´s more, our mosaics are ecological, as the raw material used is 100% recycled glass.

Always seeking highest quality

We want the finishes used for your swimming pool to stand out on the aesthetic and technical levels and with an installation that is fast, easy and of high quality.

Finishing pieces: Corner and Cove

Corner and Cove special pieces provide a premium quality finish for your pool.

Always available

We ensure that 95% of our style references are in stock. Orders ready within 24-48 hours of their confirmation.

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