04 Mar 2018

Immerse yourself in the new Ezarri website

Ezarri.com is the web address, as always. And from March it is also the home of our new website, the best window to the world to explain how we produce more than 8,000 m² of our more than 300 style references per day with state-of-the-art technology, seeking service excellence for our customers all around the world. We also export 70% of our production and sell in more than seventy countries spread over the five continents.

The redesign of the Ezarri website adopts a striking visual approach that highlights the visual power of the designs. This, added to intuitive navigation, allows visitors to find out about what is on offer from a leading company in mosaic manufacturing.

A website designed for the customer


As soon as we enter, a powerful image taken from the bottom of a swimming pool covered with Ezarri mosaics invites us to immerse ourselves in the contents of the new website, perfectly organised by means of a top horizontal menu that, with its drop-down submenus, provides simple and intuitive navigation.

The Ezarri logo in the upper left corner of the page, on a white background, is followed by the horizontal menu, in the form of headings, which offers the options described below. First, under the heading ‘Ezarri’, the company is explained through the following tabs: ‘Why choose Ezarri?’, ‘Our history’, ‘Internationalisation’ and ‘Case studies’. These four tabs clearly demonstrate the importance of Ezarri’s business project and our added value.

The next tab in the horizontal menu is headed ‘Collections’ and describes the company’s products through four tabs: ‘Collections’, ‘Search by colour’, ‘Catalogues’ and the popular ‘Mix generator’, used so much by architects, designers, decorators and even customers themselves to find the desired combination. This tab reveals the full extent of the potential and quality of Ezarri.

Following this is ‘Ezarri Solutions’, with the tabs ‘Private Swimming Pools’, ‘Large Projects’, ‘Interior Design’, and ‘Wellness’. Here we see the power behind Ezarri and how it is used to give a quick and effective response in different projects.

At Ezarri we always focus on the customer and on offering the most thorough and conscientious service possible. This is the reason for the next option in the horizontal top menu, which is headed ‘Professional Area’ and is directed at the following professionals, with a separate tab for each:


   Pool Builders

   Architects and Interior Designers, and

   Ceramic Tile Distributors.


Differentiated solutions for each type of professional


Of course, in addition to customers and materials, and the designs of the Ezarri mosaic collections, technical issues are also given a place of importance in the new website.


Under the title ‘Technical Area’ we find more specific features, such as ‘Jointpoint’, a technologically advanced system that has been designed solely by Ezarri and that guarantees perfect and uniform mosaic installation.


Following this is the ‘Installation Manual’ submenu, to ensure optimal installation of the mosaic. And this section finishes with the ‘Materials Distributed by Ezarri’ and ‘Certifications’ submenus. The last of these proudly states that Ezarri is the first glass mosaic company to receive the ISO 9001 Quality Certification, which recognises the maturity and efficiency of our environmental management system while likewise confirming our commitment to a strategy of continuous improvement.


Finally, but equally important, the ‘Contact’ option also appears on this menu, and includes all the necessary information as well as displaying a form for direct contact. Also, above the ‘Contact’ heading is the option to select the language for the website as well as an option for direct entry to the blog, which offers a collection of news items about Ezarri and our work.

A tour of the main page


The main page highlights the different contents of the horizontal menu, always with a powerful graphic image and with extremely intuitive navigation that allows the user to find what they are looking for with a click.


On this occasion, since what is displayed on the main page changes every so often, we have opted for a carousel that includes seven options:


   Mosaics for Swimming Pools.

   Mosaic Finishes for Wellness Areas and Spas.

   Mosaics for Bathrooms.

   Luxury Pools.

   Interior Design.

   Coverings for Swimming Pools.

   New Safe-Steps Anti-Slip System.


Within each of these options, all the relevant information is offered in a staggered way.


In the second informative block of the main page, under the title ‘Ezarri glass mosaic’, the options ‘Private Swimming Pools’, ‘Large Projects’, ‘Interior Design’, and ‘Wellness’ appear, each framed by a descriptive image.


The third block offers ‘Collections’ and ‘Search by colour’, while in the fourth position we have ‘Solutions for professionals’:


   ‘Pool Builders’.

   ‘Architects and Interior Designers’.

   ‘Ceramic Tile Distributors’.


In the fifth and last position, the main page of this new Ezarri website highlights the contents of the blog and closes with a footer where we are offered the possibility of seeing more news and also of subscribing to the Ezarri Newsletter, something that is highly recommended.

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