Materials distributed by Ezarri

Ezarri always has the following materials in stock to provide a more complete service to our customers and be able to meet all mosaic and installation-related needs.

Ezarri considers joints to be an essential element within its colorful designs. The aesthetic component of the joint used is very important and when combined with the ezarri mosaic tile ranges can give surprising results. By combining different colored tiles and joints we have been able to develop a new range of color schemes to offer our clients.

In technical terms, ezarri recomends the use of epoxy joints mortars. Apart from offering a wide range of colos and effects such joints have excellent technical specifications; they are damp-resistant, water-repellant, and have great durability. Mo reover, this type of joint does not absorb stains, offering total cleanliness and hygiene.

The use of epoxy joints is linked to the use of specific tools and finishing products, both of wihich are also supplied by ezarri. We recommend you use these specific tools and products in order to ensure a perfect finish and results.

Materials distributed by Ezarri
Code Description Packaging Performance Usage
Epoxy grouts
J053 Junta Epoxi Nero Carbonio 145 5kg 5 kg 1,2 kg/m² Grey anthracite epoxy grout. RG
J052 Junta Epoxi Blue Denim 340 5kg 5 kg 1,2 kg/m² Blue Epoxy grout. RG
J054 Junta Epoxi Bianco Assoluto 100 5kg 5 kg 1,2 kg/m² White epoxy grout. RG
J055 Junta Epoxi Azzurro Caraibi 320 5kg 5 kg 1,2 kg/m² Turquoise blue epoxy grout. RG
J056 Junta Epoxi Blu Zaffiro 350 5kg 5 kg 1,2 kg/m² Dark blue epoxy grout. RG
J057 Junta Epoxi Grigio Ardesia 130 5kg 5 kg 1,2 kg/m² Grey epoxy grout. RG
J058 Junta Epoxi Verde Pino 430 5kg 5 kg 1,2 kg/m² Green epoxy grout. RG
Effects for epoxy grouts
J009 GOLD 0,150 kg 1 ud / 5 kg epoxy grout Gold effect to be used with 5kg epoxy grout
J010 SPOTLIGHT 0,150 kg 1 ud / 5 kg epoxy grout Spotlight effect to be used with 5kg Epoxy grout
Tools for Epoxy grouts
H006 Fieltro blanco especial epoxi (109GBNC) 1 unit 1 unit / 5 m² Special felt for epoxy grout
H007 Esponja sweepex especial epoxi (128G0001) 1 unit 1 unit / 5 m² Special sponge for epoxy grout
H008 Llana de goma especial epoxi de doble perfil (946GR) 1 unit Rubber trowel for epoxy grout
J011 Litonet EVO Gel 0,75 liter 1 liter / 8 m² Detergent for epoxy grouts at end of project.
A010 Adhesivo Keraflex Extra S1 blanco 23kg 23 kg 2,5 kg/m² White Cementitious adhesive. C2 S1. For concrete surface.
A009 Adhesivo Keraflex Extra S1 gris 25kg 25 kg 2,5 kg/m² Grey Cementitious adhesive. C2 S1. For concrete surface.
A005 Adhesivo Poliuretánico Superflex 8kg 8 kg 1,6 kg/m² Bi-component adhesive. R. White colour. For polyester surface
MTEN1 Tenazas para mosaico 1 unit Pliers
MTEN3 Disco de corte diamantado interno 22,2 mm ; Diámetro 115mm 1 unit Mosaic cutting disc
001 Llana dentada acero 6x6 mm 1 unit Notched trowel: 6x6 mm
002 Llana de goma de doble perfil para junta cementosa (946BL) 1 unit Rubber trowel
003 Cubo Instalación Mosaico 1 unit Mosaic installation bucket
H009 Disco Desbaste 1 unit Mosaic grinding disc
Cementitious grouts
J001 Junta Cementosa Kerakolor FF Blanco 100 5kg 5 kg 1,2 kg/m² White cementitious grout. CG2
J003 Junta Cementosa Kerakolor FF Gris Antracita 114 5kg 5 kg 1.2 kg/m² Grey Anthracite cementitious grout.CG2
Format Thickness Sheet (cm) Mosaic per sheet Sheet per carton m2 / carton m² / palet kg/m²
25 mm 4,8 mm 31,2 x 49,5 12 x 19 13 2 96 9,4
36 mm 5 mm 33,4 x 33,4 9 x 9 18 2 96 11
50 5,5 mm 36,5 x 36,5 7 x 7 8 1,06 89,04 13,4
Borders Packaging - Packaging Cenefas
Format Thickness Sheet dimension mosaics / sheet Sheets / carton m² / carton m / carton m / pallet kg / m
25 mm 4,8 mm 36,5 x 18,2 14 x 7 34 2,26 12,4 669,6 1,75
36 mm 5 mm 29,6 x 25,8 8 x 7 18 1,38 5,33 255,6 2,84
Special Pieces Packaging
References Format Packaging
Corner & Cove References Special Pieces

50 mm
carton 7,5 l.m
(linear meter)

144 mosaics
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