08 Oct 2019
Private Swimming Pools

What colour will my pool´s water have?

This is a common question for any person who is in the process of choosing the colour of their mosaic. The water´s colour is not going to be determined solely by the colour of the glass mosaic chosen; there are other factors that have an influence, such as the water’s depth, the amount of light at the place where the pool is located, the surroundings, if it is an indoor or an outdoor pool and the type of lighting used.
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22 Feb 2021

Renew your swimming pool with Ezarri mosaics

Ezarri mosaics are the best choice for renovating a polyester swimming pool and transforming your favourite aquatic installation. And, you don’t need to make large investments or carry out extensive works.
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25 Jan 2021

Ezarri clads sulphur thermal baths on the Silk Road

Ezarri has supplied tile mosaics for sulphur thermal baths on the Silk Road. Lisi Bath is located in the capital of the former Soviet republic of Georgia, between the Black and Caspian seas. Silk and sulphur combine with Ezarri mosaics to turn Lisi Bath into a star attraction in the Georgian capital.
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18 Jan 2021

The magic of Ezarri triumphs in Silesia, the Polish steel province

Silesia, a province in southern Poland, relies on its iron and steel factories. In this tough and cold land, the magic of Ezarri triumphs via cladding for a leisure and sports complex in the city of Gliwice. Asna Sport I Rekreacja has all manner of facilities.
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04 Jan 2021

Hotel Izvor: creative mosaics for an original setting

Ezarri has provided tile cladding for Hotel Izvor, a comprehensive establishment in Aranđelovac, Serbia, located around a hundred kilometres south of the capital Belgrade. Ezarri has once again shown its ability to adapt to any type of project.
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15 Nov 2020

Piscinas Hoy Noviembre/Diciembre 2020

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11 Nov 2020

Discover the new Gemma collection on video

If you have not attended our webinars to present the new Gemma collection by Ezarri with the collaboration of Gemma Mengual, you still have time.
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