18 Oct 2018
Private Swimming Pools

Blue swimming pool tiles

There is no doubt at all that if we had to choose a classic colour for the pool we would definitely choose the blue mosaic tile. It is the blue of the sky and also the blue of the sea. Some years ago the blue “niebla” mosaic tile was the most common colour as a lining for swimming pools, but with the passage of time and the development of new technologies, although the blue colour persists, it is now surrounded by a multitude of different nuances, tones and finishes.

Blue mosaic tiles for swimming pools

The blue colour of the swimming pool is produced by the dispersion of sunlight when it comes into contact with water. It’s a shame, but the legend that says the colour of the sea, or in our case the water in the pool, is due to the colour of the sky is not based on fact.

So, once the myth has been dispelled and we know that the colour of our pool is directly related to the dispersion of sunlight and the absorption capacity of its rays, we can see the importance of the choice of the mosaic and selecting the one that most suits our taste. And in fact the blue swimming pool mosaic tile offers a wide range of tonalities, which allows us to adjust the colour of our pool to the shade of blue that we like the most.

Blue mosaic tiles for swimming pools

At Ezarri we offer a total of 38 different blue mosaic tiles divided into 10 collections, which you can check out following this link.

Ezarri offers a wide and varied range of blue swimming pool tile tones, from light to dark colours; from emerald blues to blues that are really intense. We offer this variety to give you water with the colour that you want for your pool.