27 Feb 2020
Large Projects

A swimming pool imbued with the soul of fado

Ezarri has met the challenge set by Medusis for its pool mosaic. This luxury establishment brings together a restaurant with a programme of events and parties around the heart of the business: a mosaic-clad swimming pool. The complex is located in Almancil, a southern Portuguese town in the Faro district where life moves to the beat of fado.

The motto of Medusis is ‘where excellence is the baseline’, and Ezarri has summoned up its very best to respond to the challenge.

pool with mosaic in Portugal

Tailored creations in a special pool with mosaic

The spectacular pool is less an exercise space and more a social hub. The architect therefore selected a combination of Ezarri mosaics:

  1. Perla, from the Iris collection, is a white iridescent mosaic especially designed for cladding pools. It promotes relaxation and enjoyment – exactly what Medusis wants to bring to its clients.

  2. The same applies to the black iridescent Ebano mosaic, also from the Iris collection. 

  3. The project was personalised using a Custom Printed Mosaic on the bottom of the pool bearing the Medusis logo.  It’s an ideal way to accurately reproduce the desired image in a pool with mosaic.

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