28 Mai 2020
Interior Design

Spectacular hot tubs bathroom tiled in mosaic

Italy, the cradle of Renaissance and design, always offers challenges of all types. This time Ezarri has faced an idea that few people have access to. It is the installation of a hydromassage bathtub in a bathroom. 

This private residence is located in southern Italy, in the Puglia region. The decision means bringing all the well-being of a spa, with all its services, into the home’s most intimate space. It is, in short, about restoring the ancient essence which gave this room the name ‘bathroom’. 

Iridescent mosaic bathroom tiles  

The architecture firm counted on Ezarri for this big project. Specifically, the mosaic used is the Perla reference from the Iris collection. It is a white mosaic with an iridescent effect, particularly adequate for both indoor surfaces and also swimming pools and wellness spaces.  

This effect creates a reflection of all the rainbow´s colours. Which creates a unique and personal atmosphere. A treat for the senses. And it is also exactly what the architecture firm and the home owners were looking for. 

The result of applying Ezarri to a particularly innovative design is truly spectacular. Thus, the jacuzzi integrated in this bathroom has smooth rounded shapes. And is enclosed in translucent glazing. All this gives it a greater sensation of amplitude. 

The importance of choosing this mosaic for jacuzzis also lies in the fact that the perimeter for the jacuzzi area is transparent glass. Which offers a view of its interior and the water volume. 

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