20 Jan 2023
Private Swimming Pools

Green mosaic tile pool, inspired by nature

Green mosaics tiles are particularly suited for pools that take on the green tones of the surrounding vegetation. They´re the perfect way to blend your pool in with nature.

Green mosaic tile is an excellent choice to create a pool that will immerse you in a sense of relaxation and nature. It’s also ideal for landscaped pool designs, helping to create a seamless transition from pool area to surrounding environment.

Specific areas of the pool such as swimming lanes or whirlpool can also be highlighted with green mosaic tiles to create a more cohesive and attractive pool environment.

All our collections have a wide variety of green mosaic tiles in different designs and finishes: Bali Stone, Green Pearl, Grasshopper, Tomahawk, Esmeralda, Cuprite, or 2585-B.

Finally, as we´ve pointed out on other occasions, don´t forget that the colour of your pool water will also depend on factors other than the colour of the tile, such as light, water depth, location of the pool, and surrounding features.

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