01 Jul 2021
Private Swimming Pools

The Container House: swimming pool for a futuristic Vancouver home

Ezarri travelled to a futuristic house in West Vancouver, Canada, to make the swimming pool glimmer. The Container House is the name of this strikingly modern residence in which architecture, design and functionality come together in a highly personal style.

The Container House is a commission for a couple with three grown children. The idea was to renovate the residence with a view to retirement, featuring quality materials, open spaces, stunning views and easy living.

Creativity for The Container House

The architectural firm McLeod Bovell was tasked with the complete renovation. McLeod Bovell is a collaborative design partnership specialising in complete residential architecture.

The Container House allowed the firm to leverage their creativity, adapting it to the needs of everyday family life, and delivering a truly brilliant outcome.

To ensure the project´s success McLeod Bovell opted to use Ezarri for both the swimming pool and bathrooms. Phyllite mosaic from Ezarri´s ZEN collection was ued for the swimming pool tiles. Phyllite is a marbled grey matte mosaic with a stone-like effect, perfect for swimming pools.

Lava mosaic was the tile used for the bathrooms. Lava, from the Metal Collection, is a metallic-effect mosaic specially designed for classing bathrooms.

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