11 Jul 2019

New Features on Ezarri´s Website: Image Galleries

Ezarri continues to improve its customer service with several new features on its website. One of the most noteworthy of those new features is the Image Gallery, which contains a full repertoire of many of our creations.

Ezarri´s Image Catalogue shows off the greatest parts of our mosaics: the beauty they invoke and their extremely attractive visual impact.

ezarri image gallery

Filters to Take Full Advantage of the Ezarri Image Gallery

One of the biggest improvements is that we now have  a series of filters that allow for what is being searched for to be found more quickly and accurately. 

There are 4 filter types

  1. The first one is called ‘Use’, and you can choose from ‘Private Pool’, ‘Public Pool’, ‘Wellness Centre’, ‘Bathrooms’, and ‘Kitchens’.

  2. The second one is called ‘Mosaic Colour’

  3. The third one allows you to choose the ‘Pool Type’, whether it be an ‘Indoor Pool’ or ‘Outdoor Pool’.

  4. And the fourth one is called Ezarri´s "Collections".

This is a very complete, easy-to-use service  for Ezarri´s clients to be able to see the results before choosing us for their projects, doing so by means of beautiful images.

Entdecken Sie unsere Kollektionen

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