Installation manual

To obtain a top quality finish, ezarri recommends the following steps:

Preparing the support.
The support should be a smooth, even surface which should be clean, stable and have a level of surface moisture below 3%.

Choosing the most suitable adhesive.
For concrete surfaces, ezarri recommends using an adhesive with at least C2TE specifications for concrete surfaces. For other surfaces, please seek advice.

Choosing the most appropriate grouting mortar.
At ezarri we recommend the use of RG-type epoxy grouting mortars.

pasos_instalacion01Spread the adhesive in a uniform manner using a 6mm notched trowel.
pasos_instalacion02Position the panels with the JointPoint ® system and apply to the surface.
pasos_instalacion03Correct the alignment of the panels using a rubber trowel.
pasos_instalacion04Apply the grouting mortar using the soft rubber trowel, removing any excess paste.
pasos_instalacion05Clean the mosaic using water and a sponge trowel.
pasos_instalacion06Lastly, clean using a finishing product.

ezarri has a Customer Tile Laying Service, which in addition to resolving any doubts about material, grouting, tools, and recommendations for tile laying, offers a Direct Laying Service or can monitor and control external tile laying.