Safe Steps: The new non-slip mosaic system from Ezarri.


Safe Steps is the name of Ezarri’s new non-slip system. It is a new non-slip system for mosaics that makes them safer, smoother and easy to clean.

The new system, already available to customers in the current Ezarri catalogue, will be presented at the Cersaie Fair, one of the most important events in the sector, to be held from the 25th to the 28th September in Bologna (Italy).

Advantages of Safe Steps

Advantages of the Safe Steps system over the previous non-slip systems used:

  • The main feature is that the surface is not rough; it is very smooth. This means that, as well as being better for cleaning and maintenance, it is much more pleasant to the touch, having a smoother texture.
  • It is always available in a wide range of colours and a variety of formats.
  • The new Safe Steps collection achieves the perfect combination of the elegance of glass and the highest non-slip safety.

The main advantages of the new Safe Steps collection are as follows.-


The new Safe Steps collection complies with both the technical building code and the most stringent international standards. This even applies for wet, slippery exteriors with pronounced slopes. It is excellent for both indoor and outdoor wet areas.

Standards for non-slip ceramics

  • Slip resistance DIN 51097- Classification C.

  • Slip resistance DIN 511310 – Classification R10.

  • Slip resistance (Pendulum) UNE-ENU 12600:2003 – Class 3.


The Safe Steps collection combines safety with a new, much more pleasing texture.

  • The Safe Steps collection is smooth and pleasant to the touch.
  • The surface of the Safe Steps tiles is not coarse.
  • The Safe Steps mosaics are not rough.
  • Safe Steps are not aggressive.


The smooth texture of the SAFE-STEPS system:

  • Facilitates cleaning, both during the installation of the mosaic and also during its maintenance.
  • There is no problem using the usual cleaning products, both domestic and industrial, with Safe Steps.
  • The Safe Steps collection is perfectly compatible with the use of the normal pool cleaning products, from the chlorine to the salt used for swimming pools.
  • The Safe Steps mosaics have passed the Chemical Resistance test (UNE EN ISO 10545-13).


The Safe Steps collection from Ezarri incorporates the JointPoint® system, which offers maximum ease of fitting and also maximum adhesion.


  • Walk-in showers.
  • Public and private swimming pools.
  • Entrances to swimming pools.


Ezarri is a leading company in glass mosaic manufacturing.

With more than 30 years of experience, we are committed to a business project based on:

  • Innovation
  • Quality
  • Service excellence.
  • International expansion.
  • We support this with a strategy of sustainable growth.

We produce more than 8,000 m2 on a daily basis covering more than 150 models. We strive for excellence in the service we provide for our customers around the world.

We export 70% of our production. We sell in all 5 continents, and in more than 70 countries

Ezarri Mosaico, star of the Hard Rock Hotel in Tenerife

Tenerife is the destination that has been chosen by the Hard Rock Group to open its second hotel in Europe. Its swimming pools are tiled with Ezarri mosaics.

Ezarri mosaicos Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife (5)

The idea is hard to beat: An eternal spring with an average temperature of 23 degrees Celsius all year round. An island, Tenerife, in the Atlantic Ocean. A town, Adeje. A chain, the well-known Hard Rock brand, which has opened its second hotel in Europe. The first one in Ibiza. And in both cases their leisure facilities are a clear priority, with the main attraction being their superb swimming pools tiled by Ezarri Mosaics – a company which the international brand has trusted once again because of its high quality standards – which allow their guests to enjoy an authentic rock star experience.

The Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife has two outdoor swimming pools and a spa where you can enjoy the pleasant climate of the Canary Islands or a night-time dip while sipping a cocktail in the Eden or Splash bars.

Ezarri mosaicos Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife (1)

The contribution by Ezarri has been a total success. The lining of the outdoor pools involved the use of special mixes created by the architect who designed the new hotel project. The architect made extensive use of the Ezarri Mosaic Mixtures Generator, and selecting the different percentages for the combinations and taking advantage of the wide range of mosaic colours available, he was able to design combinations for outdoor pools which, from their island of Tenerife setting, directly rival the Atlantic Ocean itself.

Two giant logos were also designed to personalise the pool according to the requirements of the hotel chain.

Ezarri mosaicos Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife (4)

Another of the facilities that most attract the guests who enjoy this type of hotel establishment is the spa. Here, too, the work carried out by Ezarri has been important. The lining of the spa plays with shades of blue, and the use of anti-slip mosaics which have also been made to measure for this project is worth highlighting.

Ezarri mosaicos Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife (3)

There is one more feature that is particularly popular with the guests of the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife: the outdoor hammocks. These are covered with mosaic and allow guests to relax in the dreamy pools.

Ezarri mosaicos Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife (2)

A mosaic swimming pool among the olive trees of Tuscany

Ezarri Mosaic dazzles with a dreamlike mosaic pool in the heart of paradise.

In the heart of Tuscany, one of Europe’s most attractive tourist destinations, between the beautiful cities of Pisa, Siena or Florence, a villa turned into a farmhouse hotel decided to expand its offer with an infinity pool that could offer clients a haven of coolness and peace surrounded by the most soght-after landscape in a privileged environment. Ezarri Mosaic accepted the challenge and has already become a reference for the rural tourism of this beautiful region in Italy.

Ezarri Iris collection Monte Casone Infinity Pool Ezarri Iris collection Monte Casone Infinity Pool

If there’s something Ezarri likes it is a challenge and fulfilling clients’ requirements with quality. In the case of the Monte Casone farmhouse hotel, located in the heart of Tuscany, surrounded by a beautiful landscape full of life and olive trees, with all the charm of a region that makes you fall in love with it, this has been one of them.

Ezarri Marfil Iris collection Monte Casone stairs Ezarri Marfil Iris collection Monte Casone stairs

You must remember that Monte Casone is located a stone’s throw away from the legendary towns of Volterra and San Gimignano. As the owners of this wonderful farmhouse hotel like to explain, “Monte Casone is a piece of heaven blessed with views and scenery and make it a beautiful postcard”.

Ezarri Iris collection Monte Casone Pool Ezarri Iris collection Monte Casone Pool

The mosaic swimming pool in Monte Casone is one of the farmhouse hotel’s most attractive places. Measuring 14 m x 10 m and with Roman steps, it manages to enhance the overall location.

The colour to be used in the mosaic pool was basic to achieve the final expected result.  Seeking integration both with the building and with the surroundings. The colour finally chosen was Marfil from the Iris collection by Ezarri. And the result is spectacular.  For the pool steps the non-slip Marfil-Anti colour was used to provide maximum safety.

Ezarri Iris collection Monte Casone Ezarri Iris collection Monte Casone

In addition, the Monte Casone farmhouse hotel is comprised of three different buildings. It’s designed and equipped to offer the visitor a marvellous experience. It’s possible to find refuge and enjoy all the commodities of your own home while in the middle of the gentle Tuscan hills.

Once again, Ezarri took on a big challenge to create a mosaic pool that could meet everyone’s expectations. And it did.

Swimming pool decorations: Last Trends

Swimming pool trend decorations have changed dramatically during the last few years. The influences have been mainly from the ceramic world in general. Also, of course, inspired by architects, interior and landscape designers.

Ezarri Decoración Piscinas Ash colección ZEN

The biggest decoration trend at the moment is the natural looking spaces, with elements like wood and stone in a predominant presence. With this in mind, the wall tiling has very neutral tonalities where the grey and beige colours have a very high presence.

The pool tiling has followed the same trends. The grey colour is very popular as opposed to the much acclaimed and classic blue mosaic tile. The tendency is to follow the interior decoration towards the pool terrace designs.


Ezarri Decoración Piscinas Carrara colección ZEN

Ezarri has presented the Zen collection, a collection designed for the pool and home decorations, designed to meet the new interior and exterior trend demands. A natural and Zen look.

Designworks presents the new Ezarri Zen collection at Spatex

Spatex trade show (Coventry, 31 Jan – 2 Feb)

With exclusive distribution rights in the UK, Designworks is perfectly positioned. The company showcase the unique beauty of the Ezarri range within the increasingly dynamic British Pool & Spa industry.

Spatex Designworks Ezarri Zen collection

With their customary innovation and flair, Designworks exhibited at the recent Spatex trade show (Coventry, 31 Jan – 2 Feb). Designworks has created an eye-catching stand that presented both the existing Ezarri products and launching the new Zen collection for the first time.

Ezarri Spatex Designworks Zen collection

Furthermore, The new Zen products received a significant amount of positive feedback from visitors to the stand. Particularly with regard to the elegant appearance of the natural stone, marble and wood inspired mosaic tiles.

Spatex Ezarri Zen collection Designworks

In addition, Designworks and Ezarri also featured strongly at the SPATA Awards Dinner. A particular highlight being the Gold Winner Special Requirements Pool of the YearThe Alan Shearer Centre in Newcastle, featuring extensive use of Cocktail Alexander.

Ezarri dives into a pool with Cristiano Ronaldo

The footballer’s hotel network chooses Ezarri for tiling their swimming pool in the establishment opened in his home town in Madeira

Football, Champions League, European Championship, Real Madrid, striker, champion, cups, triumphs, goals. All these words are inextricably linked to the footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, who leaves the football pitch for a moment to sponsor an entrepreneurial venture involving a network of hotels which bases its appeal on his image and which has signed Ezarri Mosaics to make the grand outdoor swimming pool stand out.


“I’m sure this hotel will be a winning project, since it is the merger of two winning brands. I can’t wait to sleep in my suite in the Pestana CR7 Funchal hotel.” The words were spoken during the recent European Championship, which took place in France during the month of June, by Cristiano Ronaldo himself, known to the media as CR7, and regarded by a significant number of people and press linked to sport as the best and most complete footballer and goal scorer in the world – and even in the history of the game.


For the tiling at this luxury and stylish complex, Ezarri has used the company’s already famous range of colours, in this case employing a red tone, which both contrasts with the blue of the ocean and is also a clear tribute to the red of the official football shirt of the Portuguese national team.


The Funchal hotel, which has opened thanks to the alliance of the footballer with the hotelier Dionisio Pestana, has 48 rooms and the suite which carries the name of Cristiano Ronaldo, as well as featuring numerous extras to further increase its competitiveness. For example, each room is equipped with an Apple TV and a SmartTV, as well as a PlayStation 4 console.


Dionisio Pestana, founder and president of the group that opened this hotel in Funchal, said at the grand opening: “We wanted a hotel in Funchal, our home town. I spoke to Cristiano Ronaldo, also a native of Funchal, and this establishment is the result. He was the one who proposed linking his image to the hotel.” “We make the beds and he scores the goals,” said Pestana about the collaboration. And Ezarri has created the mosaics for the superb pool where the Portuguese star will cool off.

An oasis in your garden

Ezarri turns a series of swimming pools and waterfalls throughout a home with terraces and children’s play areas into a true paradise.


Ezarri, with its range of colours adapted to the effect that seeks the satisfaction of the architect, designer and, of course, the customer, expresses itself in this house built in Texas (USA) where every detail is fully taken care of and adapted in an extraordinary natural environment. There is a constant atmosphere of well-being, quality of life and health. Everything is measured in detail and designed to fit in and provide satisfaction while blending with the surroundings

The protected forest opposite the house offers a complete range of greens that combine with the design of all the home’s details, precisely where Ezarri offers all its power to create with versatility a wide range of tonalities to go with both the surrounding nature and the construction.

We pass through one of the terraces and see white orchids, long and strong palm trees, water flowing down waterfalls and running through a canal designed to wrap around the complex, an “infinity” swimming pool plunges us into all these sensations covered with the best Ezarri mosaic.


Ezarri will launch the new Fosfo collection in Cersaie

The full Fosfo collection can be seen on Stand B34, Hall 26 in Cersaie 2015. This new range is inspired in the luminescent properties. These mosaics are charged with light (natural or artificial) and then they glow in the dark.

¿Quieres descubrir el “Topping” de Ezarri en Cevisama 2015?


Queremos aportar la diversión, frescura y creatividad de nuestra gama Topping a Cevisama 2015, la feria de referencia a nivel mundial del sector de la cerámica.

Topping es la colección de Ezarri que combina colores, formas e imágenes en impresión digital lo que permite crear pequeñas obras de arte para todos los gustos.

Inspirada en los toppings de los helados, esos ingredientes que aportan color y personalidad, en Cevisama podrás ver, palpar y disfrutar con una colección divertida, 100% original y enriquecida con nuevos motivos y texturas. En Topping puedes jugar con la magia de los colores. El límite de nuestra propuesta decorativa lo pone tu imaginación y creatividad.

Reserva ya los días 9 al 13 de febrero para descubrir un mundo nuevo en el sector del mosaico de vidrio en el Pabellón 4, Nivel 3 Stand D-13 en Cevisama 2015.

Para conseguir una invitación no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros.

Serpentin building – Panting (Paris) – REFURBISHMENT

20,000 m² Ezarri Façade

Specialized in manufacturing glass mosaics, Ezarri has been involved in the refurbishment of the Serpentin building at the Courtilllieres area in Panting, next to Paris. ezarri has supplied 20,000 m² from different mosaic colourranges to generate a fade out effect on this very impressive and emblematic building.

This is an immense façade of 2km length, and the refurbishment has been organized in various phases. This 2014 is the year estimated for this project to be completed, when the works started up 14 years ago, data which helps comprehend the magnitude of this project.

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We’re updating the Mix Generator


Due to the success of this one year old application, we have applied some important changes.-

– More realistic mixes

– Joints from Ezarri´s epoxy grouts portfolio.

– The possibility of creating a ´virtual wall´ to offer a bigger visual

– Printing improvements – save as many mixes as you wish

Have fun with our new app and obtain the mix you want!

Cersaie 2014

This year at ezarri we´re all looking forward to assisting the Cersaie exhibition. Not only for being one of the most important ceramic fairs in the world at the moment, but also because is the time we have chosen to show you what we´ve been working on during the last few months.

So come and visit our stand to have a look at our latest decorating proposal, the new TOPPING collection.

This new collection combines colours, textures and Digital Printing images to give a touch of fresh air and a high creativity content to all your projects.

To discover this exciting new series, come at visit our stand located at Cersaie: Hall 26 Stand B34

Cevisama 2014


The new ezarri Cocktail collection, which combines delicate and effervescent flavors with other rounder ones, bursting with energy. Lovers of unique, stimulating and attractive atmospheres will find in our combinations the essence of the perfect mix.

Visit us to know them.

Level 2 – Pavilion 4 – Stand D13

If you need an invitation,

you can request one by contacting ezarri.

Cersaie 2013


Come and visit us in Cersaie, Hall 26 Stand B34

Decorate your lounge, kitchen or room with the newCOCKTAIL collection that ezarri has created for you.

Mix the surprising textures and brilliant colors to create the most exquisite settings. Add the ezarri quality offered by resistant and ecological mosaics.

Shake the cocktail shaker energetically and serve the delicious, unique and special COCKTAIL that shakes your world, all with your own personal touch.

Coverings 2013


As part of ezarri´s internationalization plans, the company has been present in Coverings 2013.

This exhibition, celebrated in Atlanta, United States, is the american market reference for ceramics, stone and mosaic products. Herewith we leave you with a simple video so you can see the stand we had. We hope you like it.